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2009 was the final season of my former business in Grand Marais, Superior Coastal Sports.  I've decided to keep the domain and have pointed to this Blogger site.  From now on I won't be creating a new blog for each future traveling endeavor as I have the last couple years.  I'll just blog continuously on this Superior Coastal Life Blog.  Eventually this will be a blog about my living on my own sailboat if i continue that path.  Once I have a boat of my own I'll likely drop the old domain and have one with my boats name or some clever thing?

I did 2 blogs previously...
Kayaking Around Lake Superior in 2012
Volunteering to Cruise the Caribbean the winter of 20012/2013

The first traveling I did once I had finally established the rental income scenario was 25 days in Costa Rica but as it turned out I only posted 18 times and did not create any other information pages.  It's barely worth looking at but here it is .. Costa Rica on Rent

I was going to blog my 9 days of sailing from Grand Marais to the Slate Islands on Dave and Amy's S.V. Yemaya back in September.  I never got around to it so I'll begin this site's blog with a post of some photos from that trip.

Wooden dory on Park Point beach
A friend, John Finkle's dory down on the beach at my place.

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