I advocate for the concept referred to as Natural Law, Resource Based Economy.  While it likely won't be in my lifetime...I'm optimistic humanity might eventually realize the negative aspects of a world ruled by money and the resulting insane value system disorder.  Even as human ingenuity and technology progress you can see the stifling effects of $$$$$ rule.
What do you consider valuable?
I developed a real appreciation of nature at a very early age.  I remember the beginning of the environmental movement in the early 70's and real progress at cleaning up some of the environmental degradation resulting from the unregulated early Industrial Age.  My brief period of optimism that protecting the natural environment would be valued was shattered and I noticed the capitalist machine of infinite growth and consumption snowballing it's way across the planet.  Like most I too became engaged in capitalism to earn my right to exist.  About half of my working years were in construction followed by owning a kayak specialty retail store.  As a capitalist I was an under achiever.  I was able to create some equity primarily during my construction work years.  

Now that I'm able to squeak by on income from renting part of my's free time that I value. It's given me time to reflect at the insanity of the current economic system.  I don't fault anyone just doing their best for themselves and their families but hope more and more people will sense that there might be a better way than destroying the environment for wealth accumulation while exploiting society with debt, near slave labor and mindless consumerism.  All for the benefit of the few.   I first saw the Zeitgeist Movie and Addendum in 2008.  I was impressed but overwhelmed with my own capitalist venture and just kept plugging away at it?  I am so glad I decided to sell my building in 2009.

With free time I thought a lot more about what The Zeitgeist Movement advocates.  I believe it was The Venus Project that used the term 'Resource Based Economy' and realized for a very long time the problems with our status quo money ruled system.  It was after Zeitgeist: Moving Forward that I really started to give thought to what a better world we could have.  I've heard the Nah Sayers and various arguments against TZM but it has remained clear no one is proposing anything better to replace the status quo.  I advocate for TZM completely due to it's logical approach to valuing our natural world and realizing out place of dependance on it rather than our deluded supremacy over it.  I'm not saying I like the current example of society but now I realize it's only the result of a flawed, exploitive win or lose system.  Peace on Earth is possible.  It is more logical to use the scientific method with collaborative open source technological advancement to provide for a healthy, biologically diverse and sustainable planet and a healthy, educated and happy humanity.  

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