Surf Kayak

We just returned Wednesday night from another few days on the coast.  It's likely the last time before I'll be heading back tomDuluth February 25.  It was nice sleeping under the stars with no bugs and pretty warm even at night.  About 45 I suppose?  It was almost 80 on Monday afternoon when we got to Davenport Landing about 10 miles north of Santa Cruz.  My cousin had mentioned there were a few kayak surfers around now and then I this time I met one.  Talked with him a little bit and got my first look (in person) of a surf kayak.  I guess it was built in the U.K.  Watching the surfers is not so great as the distance is pretty far.  Anyway here's a couple photos of the guys Surf Kayak.  He's also a whitewater paddler as is likely common with surf kayakers I suspect.