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Continuing the purchase process on Fantasia 35’ MKII 

It’s so odd I ended up in the purchase process on a sailboat in La Paz, Mexico.  As usual since 2012 I was to spend the coldest part of winter somewhere warmer.  With my focus on potentially buying a sailboat this winter, I decided not to seek a volunteer crewing gig or take friends Dave and Amy up on their offer to join them aboard their sailboat Discovery.  This fall I had backed out of my ‘offer to purchase’ on an Islander Freeport 36’ in Rio Dulce late September into October.  Then I came so close to a mutually agreed price on a well equipped Tayana 37 on Antigua in the eastern Caribbean.  The seller ended up having second thoughts after congratulations from the broker of my latest offer’s acceptance.  Then I shifted my focus to another Tayana 37 sitting in Venezuala.  The plan was to head to Costa Rica, which I did in early December and eventually head down into Panama and fly to Venezuala to meet the owner at his boat.  That boat’s owner, who is Austrian, had a health issue for…