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Second day on the Cayo . 1/30

It rained during the night and several times throughout the day. We went to the beach resort a bit later. I took another swim off the beach and another shower at the open beach rinse showers. I laid a bit in a beach lounge chair and walked the length of the 2 mile beach in both directions. The seas were quite calm yesterday with no surf but during the night a small surf had accumulated some sea vegetation along the beach. Small waves were still rolling in.

We did the lunch buffet again but I had discovered a smaller lunch buffet at the beach snack bar for $6 and decided on that. It seemed the more popular place as I was one of about 40 people eating there.

Captain chose not to swim either yesterday or today but did use the beach rinse shower to bath. Yesterday after heading out to the boat after both eating too much at the $8 equivalent lunch buffet we both scrapped the hull of marine growth. At 7 pm yesterday we went to the bar to catch news for the weather but it was reall…

Cayo beach resort . 1/29

The title is not the name of this resort just a discription. We spent our first day here. Going to the dock about 9 am. It's quite a nice resort. Lots of Europeans are staying here. In addition to guests staying in the cabanas, day beach visitors also come on the ferry which has a morning and evening round trip service. I took a swim off the nice 2 miles long beach and we laid in the sun. Beach showers were nice as I'd not bathed since 3 days. We had hoped to top up our potable water and gasoline and access the Internet based on what was mentioned in a cruising guide? No such luck on all 3. We both scrapped the hull today with mask and snorkel.

Hearing English right behind us on the beach we met a couple from the U.S. doing a day visit along with 3 others from Denmark. We also met the woman from a boat we'd met at the previous Marina. It's a British couple taking a number of years to sail around the world.

3 other sailboats arrived around 2 pm. We watched…

Tuesday motorsail . 1/28

We set out at 7 am for our next stop about 30 NM further west. We were aided by the wind though it was mostly too much on our stern. We had to use the engine to maintain a 4 knot average the entire 30 NM. Our destination was on the south side of a Cayo. We had to negotiate a poorly marked pass through the reef. Our sails were furled as we approached the pass. It was a stressful couple of hours of slowly motoring before finally anchoring south of the Cayo. I was on the bow looking out for swallowing water but surface chop and sun glare made that somewhat worthless. Our depth sounder indicated one area with just a foot under the 6' draft of the fin keel.

At this particular Cayo you are supposed to deploy your dinghy and the captain is to go to the dock and pick up and bring the guarda out to your boat for check-in as they have no boat. This Cayo also has a small resort on the 2 mile beach on the north shore of the Cayo. The dock is not available for visiting boats other t…

Heading West . 1/27

After not quite 2 weeks at the Marina we checked in at we are again on our way west. We started out with another overnighter. Leaving at 7 am and arriving at about 1 pm. We had hoped to continue another 30 NM but it took us to long to get as far as we got. Tomorrow will be an easy 30 mile day as we still plan to stop where we had hoped to get to today.

Sailing was far from ideal with a lighter wind on the stern. We used just the head sail and motored as it was slow going. Captain at one point decided to try setting out the spinnaker which ended in a wet spinnaker and a decision to not use it. The dinghy tied down on the bow was certainly in the way. It was not a good lesson in flying a spinnaker. Captain seems to get winded quite easily unless it's just for dramatic effect? I went forward and untangled the spinnaker and stuffed the wet sail back in the bag.

We only turned the motor off for part of 2 shifts but only about 4 hours total. As the sun rose today, Monday i…

Cars from the past . 1/23

As I walked to the Internet Tuesday I came on 2 areas with a good selection of vintage cars from the 50's. They were mostly being used as taxis and they all wanted to take me somewhere.