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She floats and the engine runs 

I’ve received an email that Ecos has been launched and she floats and the engine runs.  Well we will have the length of Florida to deal with any issues with the boat before setting out for Mexico...Including plenty of motoring on the ICW. 

This could be the last time....?

Early on December 4th, I’m flying down to Florida for my 5th time volunteering to crew on another persons’s sailboat.  I will meet the boat and owner/captain Michael in Jacksonville at the docks by the Jaguar’s football stadium.  The plan is to set out the next day.  Our destination is Rio Dulce, Guatemala.  This will be my second time sailing to Rio Dulce.  I will even stop and say hi to Walter on Asperida, the sailboat I crewed on back in 2014-2015.  He goes down there for the winter.  I’m looking at at least one sailboat for sale in Rio Dulce.  I’m sure there are more boats for sale, but perhaps not listed?

Upon my dear old mother’s death back in March, 9 days after her 96th birthday, I’m now able to search for and buy my own used, live-aboard, cruising sailboat.  I no longer have to wait until selling my house to buy a boat...which is good because renting out part of it is the money I live on.

I’m hoping to keep my future sailboat here in Duluth for a couple years until I do se…