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Sail to Slate Islands

In early September My friend  Dave Freeman asked if I was interested in helping he and another friend, also Dave sail S.V. Yemaya from Grand Marais to the Slate Islands. I was going to blog about it but never got around to it. I did take some photos so I've put a few in this single blog post.  It took about 5 days with sailing/motoring on through the first night. We anchored a night at the end of Otter Cove and the next night at the Rossport dock as we needed fuel. Then 2 nights at 2 different anchorages on the Slates and another night at the Rossport dock and a final one out in Little Lake Harbor.

Amy was already out on the Slates handling kayaking logistics for a group of 3 geologists studying the fascinating meteor impact creation of this Island Group. Dave and Amy are both former kayak guide employees of mine and are known for the Wilderness Classroom Organization. The 3 of us plus their intern Dan were kayaking/camping on the Slates in 2012. This was during the contin…