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REI Labor Day Sale

Continuing the purchase process on Fantasia 35’ MKII 

It’s so odd I ended up in the purchase process on a sailboat in La Paz, Mexico.  As usual since 2012 I was to spend the coldest part of winter somewhere warmer.  With my focus on potentially buying a sailboat this winter, I decided not to seek a volunteer crewing gig or take friends Dave and Amy up on their offer to join them aboard their sailboat Discovery.  This fall I had backed out of my ‘offer to purchase’ on an Islander Freeport 36’ in Rio Dulce late September into October.  Then I came so close to a mutually agreed price on a well equipped Tayana 37 on Antigua in the eastern Caribbean.  The seller ended up having second thoughts after congratulations from the broker of my latest offer’s acceptance.  Then I shifted my focus to another Tayana 37 sitting in Venezuala.  The plan was to head to Costa Rica, which I did in early December and eventually head down into Panama and fly to Venezuala to meet the owner at his boat.  That boat’s owner, who is Austrian, had a health issue for…

Finca Bella Vista ๐ŸŒณ A treehouse community

I’m going to write in my blog again, long long after taking a break as I just wasn’t feeling like doing the blog..  I will date them as they happened.. not as I write them.
I arrived to Finca Bella Vista on January 3, 2019, having taken the bus from Uvita.  I had reserved a couple nights for a property tour as well as signed up for 3 weeks as a volunteer.  I wanted to spend more time there to get a feel for the place since I’m considering buying an existing treehouse or a lot and building my own.  The idea was to buy a rental property for more income while I’m living most of the year on a sailboat as well as provide an alternative place to live..  Eventually full time when I decide not to sail anymore.
Finca Bella Vista is a realestate development that began in 2006 when the co-founders heard about a 62 or 92 acre (not sure which) that was up for sale to be clear cut.  It was primary rain forest in Cost Rica’s southern zone.  They decided to contact some friends and were able to buy…

Dawn of a New Year

It was a coincedence to end up spending New Years at FlutterBy House next to Marino Ballena National Park.  Nothing has really been planned concerning my Costa Rican travels other than where I’m heading next.  Tomorrow, 1/3/2019 I take the bus a couple hours for my 3 plus weeks at the Finca Bella Vista Treehouse Community.I had a pleasant New Years despite being alone.  I took a nice walk out to the whale tail for which the National Park is named.. I was amongst an exodus of many others.. The walk ended with a beautiful sunset.  After a shower and dinner I talked with a few groups of people.. most were trying to decide if they would go to a party on the beach or the one in the small town of Uvita?  The sinks along one end of the bathhouse building had women lined up putting on makeup.. to go to an outside party in the dark... Anyway I kind of expected the FlutterBy House would be a scene of a party but it was not and even the kitchen closed early. People who know me know, I’m not much…

New Years Eve ๐ŸŽ‰ ning 

I arrived to FlutterBy House in Uvita, Costa Rica about noon on December 30.  I’ve been relaxing but have taken a walk for the sunset each evening.  I stayed at this hostel back in February of 2012 which was when I first traveled on rental income in winter.  Flutterby House used to call itself,  FlutterBy .. Hostel by the Sea.  It was 4 years old back then as this was the 10th anniversary.  It was started and is owned by 2 sisters from California..  It has a good vibe.  Things have changed since 2012.. it’s still a cool hostel but I kind of liked it more before.  It’s at a great location on the edge of Marino Ballena National Park... named after the ’Whale Tail’  tomobolo formation.  There are humpback whales in the area as well and tours are of course offered.  Back in 2012 I saw whales spouting a couple times well off shore but nothing this time.  There were a lot more people on the beach than 6 years ago.  Also, more other hostels and some new private homes.  One corner lot that ha…