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Weeks away from finally buying my own sailboat...probably

For about a year, I’ve done a lot of online browsing for used sailboats and took a closer look at 5 different sailboats.  I blogged about and almost bought a lovely Tayana 37 in Kemah, Texas last December.  Now I feel I’m very likely to be buying my own sailboat in the next few weeks.  An Islander Freeport 36.  Her name is Samarang and the owner and I are traveling down to Rio Dulce, Guatemala at the end of September, just weeks from now.  Once there I will have a marine survey done, including haulout and take a sea trial.   If the deal works out, I’ll return later on this December to spend some time getting familiar with the boat and the area.  Perhaps adding a few things I know I’ll want on my boat or at least researching the costs. Samarang is a 1979 Islander Freeport 36 .. a Bob Perry design.  I’ve been watching the listing for about a year.