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Lots of Launching Lately

Over the weeks I’d gotten to know a few of the sailors near to my boat.  I’d even begun to join the happy hour gathering a couple boats away.  One couple that launched a few days ago is from Kodiak Island, Alaska.  They have built quite the off grid homestead up there.  It all began about 20 years ago I guess.  A huge garden with hoop green house and a ton of fruit trees.  Apple trees of course but also plums, apricots, cherries and more.  A small hydropower system on a creek is is their primary source of electricity.  Anyway they bought a catamaran on eBay here at the boatyard and worked on it 3 winters before the current plan of...continuing the work but also getting it in the water for a bit of sailing.  Another guy next to me used to be harbor patrol on Catalina Island at Two Harbors for many years.  Two other sailors at the boatyard had also done that work in the past.  One lived on her 30’ sailboat when working there.   Another neighbor just 10’ away is in the slings ready for …

First Month Living on the Hard

Well, I have now been here one month...arriving December 9.  After I determined the ‘leaking’ water tank isn’t actually leaking?  Or so it appeared and I’ve yet to take the floor access panels up to have a look roughly 3 weeks after discovering it’s not really leaking, at least not enough to be a concern.  Soon I will have a look.  Next I removed the boat name vinyl lettering and prepped and painted the areas on either side of the bow and discovered I’d made a mistake not to bring enough yacht enamel to do the whole hull toe rail to bottom paint.

Then I heard about a woman in Tucson who has various boaters needing boat stuff send it to her and she brings it down.  I’ve ordered a gallon of primer/undercoat and two gallons of yacht enamel and a few other things.  2 packages have been deliver a third might not get there before her next trip down.  That’s ok as I might also order a quart or so of a colored yacht enamel I recently discovered.  Epifanes makes a yacht enamel in quite an imp…