I’ve crewed as a volunteer 4 of the previous 6 winters from 2 months to 3.5 months.  Now that I’m finally going to own my own sailboat I’ll occasionally be seeking crew to join me and help sail.  If the deal I have going on the Tayana 37 pictured below works out I’ll need crew to help sail to Rio Dulce Guatemala which will be where I keep the boat hurricane season.  I hope to head there the beginning of December and have a survey done and close the deal.  Then I’ll prepare for the voyage tentatively January, February and into March.  Enjoying the voyage with stops in the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Haiti, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, then either straight to Rio Dulce or skipping Jamaica and visiting Cuba then crossing to Mexico with stops in Belize on the way to Rio Dulce.
Anyone interested in crewing feel free to contact me.  Use the form on this blogger site see ‘Contact’.  Any friends who see this can contact me anyway you like. Phone, email or Facebook.  2 people would be ideal either a couple or 2 individuals.. I can take more, the boat can sleep 7 but kind of crowded over 4 I think.  I can do the voyage with just one crew but 2 or 3 is better.  Anyone interested? 
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