As part of my plan to live aboard a cruising sailboat and gain experience in morecsailing and liv8ng on a sailboat... I’ve connected 5 of the last 7 winters with different sailboat owners looking for an extra hand crewing as a volunteer.  The duration ranged from 3 and a half months to a meager 5 hours motoring down the St Johns River last, last winter when engine trouble caused the owner to cancel the voyage.   Although months later he returned and did finally sail his boat single handed down to Rio Dulce, Guatemala.

Now, as it turns out, I’m weeks away from probably buying my own sailboat also currently located in Rio Dulce.

Now that I’ll soon have my own sailboat, I’ll occasionally be seeking out my own volunteer crew.  This page will have information for anyone interested in sailing with me as volunteer.  That will be interesting.  Of course I’ll post on the various ‘Boat Seeking Crew’ websites.  I made all of my connections on those threads on the Cruisers Forum.

Of course if I were so fortunate to connect with the adventurous woman, I’ll not be seeking volunteer crew, at least not as often.