My Sailboat

I finally own my own bluewater, liveaboard sailboat.  With a bit of money inherited when my dear old mother died at age 96, I began to search for my sailboat.  I came close to buying a couple Tayana 37’s and a couple Islander Freeport 36’s.  I ended up buying a Fantasia 35, a boat I’d not heard of.  Only 78 or 79 were built and I believe mine was the last one made? She was built in 1984 in one of the famous ship yards in Taiwan.  Earlier versions were said to have a bad weatherhelm problem and there were arguments between the designer and builder concerning the plans not being followed?  The design was altered and referred to as the Fantasia 35 MKII.  Basically the rudder post was moved much further aft.  Shortly after closing the deal, I’d returned to Duluth to prepare my taxes and find a replacement tenant.  I was informed my water tank had a leak.  Planning to move the boat from La Paz to Guaymas, I’d driven my van to Guaymas and made my way to La Paz.  My surveyor dropped the ball by not insisting the water tank be filled and checking for such things as leaks and functioning pressurized system.  I was shown where there was water supposedly coming from the tank.  I researched and visited a boat nearby who had had to build a fiberglass tank inside there two water tanks both 60 gallons but easily accessible under port and starboard settee’s.  My tank was under the floor and formed to fit hull shape.  It also contained multiple baffles to control shifting water when heeled over.  Needless to say it drained my enthusiasm about buying the boat.  Anyway 9 months later and back to work on the boat in Guaymas I’ve discovered the tank does not appear to leak.  It’s hard to believe but the water must have been coming from elsewhere?  I have a long list of projects but hope to launch her in March, if I find crew.  She was named FREEDOM RIDER IV which i did not like so I’m changing the name.  I decided on OFFLANDER .. 🤷‍♂️👍🏻✌🏻🌎