My Sailboat

Finally I’m about to purchase my own sailboat to live least much of the year.   I’ve been searching fir a good used sailboat online for years.. although only with available funds not quite one year.  After my volunteer crewing I’d lined up helping sail from Florida to Rio Dulce last early December was canceled, I began looking at used sailboats with my own eyes.   Since I was in Florida already I started by contacting the broker to look at an Islander Freeport 36 I’d seen inline sitting in Pensacola, Florida.  Then I took the Greyhound to visit friends Jan and Arlo up in Bryson City, North Carolina.. I talked them into driv8ng to look at a Corbin 39 Pilothouse, center cockpit on a big reservoir far inland from the coast, kind of near Ashville.   Then with further searching online, I came upon a newly listed Tayana 37 in Kemah, Texas.  I posted about that one, which really caught my eye. I actually got as far as an agreed upon offer to purchase.  After a sleepless night in a motel room I backed out the next morning and had my deposit refunded.  I was still focused on thinking I needed to have the boat here on Lake Superior a year or two.  Transport really put it over my budget.  Come summer I noticed a steel hulled boat on eBay and while it needed some repeating work I enthusiastically drove out to Massachusetts to have a look even bringing a bunch of tools to possibly do some fairing of the hull repair.  I had come to an agreed price with the owner but after talking to the boat yard manager about the needed work the estimate the owner had given was unrealistic in the yard manager’s opinion.  I hoped back in my van and drive home..
I did make a thorough search online for suitable boats on the Great Lakes or upper east coast so I could have a boat here a year or 2.  I found nothing to my liking in my price range..  There are hundreds, if not thousands of used racer/cruisers for sale.  I wanted a sea worthy, comfortable live aboard, bluewater capable 35’ to 40’.  I found quite a few really but all were well out of my price range.  As summer progressed I had decided not to worry about the boat spending a year or 2 on Lake Superior.  Now there was plenty to choose from..  Soon I’d narrowed it down to several,Tayana 37’s a true bluewater sailboat and several Islander Freeport 36’s... technically not a true bluewater boat but a sea worthy coastal cruiser and plenty of them have crossed oceans and even a couple have circumnavigated the earth 🌏
After deciding location was important I focused on the Islander Freeport 36 I’d been watch8ng fir nearly a year.  I made a low offer based on an agreed price on one of the Tayana 37’s with a problematic location of Venezuala.. excellent condition with loads of extras.   In late July, the broker I’d been emailing with about the IF36 in Rio Dulce informed me the energy was currently visiting his parents in Bemidji, just 3 hours taway from Duluth.  I met with the owner, Steven and we agreed on my offer.  I’m flying down to Guatemala September 27...arriving noon on the 28th.  The last where along with his Guatemalan friend will pick me up at the airport and we will drive to Rio Dulce.  It’s about a 5 and a half hour bus ride.   Also the owner, who has owned the boat.. SV Samarang for 26 years was born in Duluth, where I have been living about 8 years now.  Kind of an odd coincidence.   He was the second owner with the name given by the original owner.   I’m not sure if I’ll keep the name or not?  
I’m jumping the gun here because it’s not a done deal.. I could still back out if after seeing the boat with my own eyes is not what the photos showed.. or the marine survey results are disappointing.  I have a scheduled haulout for October 1 as part of the survey.

Some photos ...