My Sailboat

Finally I’m about to purchase my own sailboat to live least much of the year.   I’ve been searching for a good used sailboat online for years.. although with available funds only about two years.
My search was for a good liveaboard cruising sailboat suitable for bluewater sailing and within the limits of my 💵.. I also hoped to have the boat in Duluth for a couple years before sailing south to smoothly transition from home to boat life.  This coinciding with the start of collecting SS income.  I began the physical search.. actually looking at boats in early December 2017.  This after my planned volunteer crewing to Rio Dulce from Florida fell through.  I’d been looking at several Islander Freeport 36s and a few Tayana 37s online.  The first boat I looked at was a nice Islander Freeport 36 in Pensacola a bit out of my price range.  Then while visiting friends Arlo and Jan in Bryson City NC I looked at a Corbin 39 pilothouse on a lake near Ashville.  Then I noticed a nice Tayana 37 in Kemah TX and was aware of another IF36 near Kemah so decided to go have a look.  I rented a car and drove 20 some hours.  I was so impressed with the Tayana 37 I made an offer.. my first.  The owner countered and I countered and we had a deal.  I transferred the 10% deposit and my excitement slowly turned to concern I’d agreed to too high a purchase price.  I may have been played by the broker who mentioned another interested party in Alaska. Anyway, after a sleepless night in a motel I backed out of the deal, canceled the survey and got my deposit back.  I found out later the boat sold for $3,900 less than the price I’d agreed to.  Were it not for still being hung up on bringing the boat to Duluth.. shipping it.. I might have decided to take the deal.  It had the original wooden mast which needed repair in the upper 7’.  The broker even had a local estimate on mast repair...only $700.  Were I not adding the high cost of shipping to Dulith I might have just had the mast repaired and sailed south from Kemah TX to Rio Dulce last winter.  Anyway I got my first offer out of the way.  Once back to Duluth I saw a steel sailboat in Massachusetts needing repair but really nice and I drove out in my van to have a look.. The seller had an estimate of hull repair which made it seem a good deal.  The yard manager had an different opinion on the cost of hull repairs which made it not a good deal at all.  I drove back to Duluth.. Then I was contacting brokers and owners on a couple IF36s and a few Tayana 37s and decided on an IF36 in Rio Dulce due to its ideal location for me.. I had been looking at 2 Tayana 37s ... one in Venezuala and one in Antigua .. Lesser Antilles.  The one in Venezuala was appealing but not the location mostly due to difficulty in having a survey done.  Also, the owner who was Austrian had had a health problems would not able to do a sea trial.  The one in Antigua was hard to get info on.. I did manage to find out from the Florida brokerage who had the listing that their broker in Antigua had died of a freak accident last winter.  I was concerned the boat may have been damaged by the hurricanes last season.  All they said was they hadn’t heard anything so assumed it was ok?  Then my focus turned to the IF36 in Rio Dulce and I arrived at a deal, paid a deposit reserved airfare and met the owner in Guatemala.  Needless to say I decided against buying that IF36 after the haul out revealed bubbles.  But mostly because while waiting for survey results, I decided to again request details on the Antigua Tayana 37.  This time I heard back right away and they had confirmed the boat is as depicted in the listing photos and on the hard.  I decided to go for that boat as it was my preference over the IF36 were it not for the lack of its status with loss of broker on the scene.
You live and learn.  I hope this deal works out to completion.  I’ve presented a counter offer to the owners second counter offer .. just to see if they’d go lower.  Although I’ll acceot their offer if they hold fast.  Now I’m waiting to hear back from the broker.  Soon I hope.