Thursday, November 28, 2013

Awesome Dental Experience !

I'm down for an extended visit with my mom to spend Thanksgiving all the way until my flight to Miami December 4th.  During dinner on Monday the 24th I noticed a sharp tooth with my tongue and realized I'd lost part of a tooth or filling.  I was aware of some needed dental work but was not able to get an appointment before my departure.  I decided to put it off until I returned from sailing in the western Caribbean for the winter.

Now in Minnetonka, I looked into what dentists honoring UCare insurance might be near my mom's. I made a list of 3 places and began calling about noon on the second day before Thanksgiving.  Considering I was leaving for Florida the following Wednesday at 4 am, I wasn't really expecting I'd be able to get any dental care on such short notice.  I began each call trying to express my urgent time frame situation  The first 2 places responded rudely actually and seemed overly occupied with the upcoming 4 day weekend off work.  Upon calling the 3rd place...Excel Dentistry in St Louis Park I was greeted by a friendly woman who seemed intrigued with my upcoming winter of sailing.  She said a cancelation had left an opening at 2 pm and if I could make it they will have a look and see what can be done prior to my leaving December 4.  I went in and Natalya got me ready and the dentist Brooke came in shortly.  Sure enough the tooth in question was the lower right premolar I was told needed a root canal by a dentist in Duluth.  They got right to it and I was soon numbed up.  They began the root canal process and at some point capped it off for the night and had me come in the next morning at 7 am to finish.  I also needed a post and core as it was quit a rebuild of that tooth.  Insurance covered the root canal but I had to pay for the post and core.  Between the 2 sessions it must have been about 4 hours of work.   I'll need a crown too at some point and until then need to be careful with that tooth.  I might have Excel Dentistry do the crown upon my return .. I could get the impression made and come down again after the 2 weeks it takes for the crown and visit my mom a second time?

This has been my best dental experience ever!

Early Thanksgivng dinner

Well I may as well write a blog post this Thanks Giving day.  I came down to my mom's in Minnetonka Friday the 22nd.  We had our official TG dinner on Sunday the 24th.  It was in the dinning room of her senior apartment complex with various other residents and family.  Our table was my mom, Winnie, brother Jim and his daughter Kayla and her 2 year old son Reighnyn I believe it's spelled?  Also his ex wife?  Anyway I'm not used to the antics of a 2 year old who clearly does not want to be sitting at a table.  Efforts to occupy the little guy with paper and felt markers or some game on a smartphone resulted in objects flying off the table often 10 feet away.  Anyway we ate, went back to my mom's apartment and soon it was peaceful and quiet again with just my mom and I.   

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Resource Based Economy

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Home in Duluth

Again I'm testing posting on my blog. This time with my iPhone as its easier to bring along to a town with uncertainty of finding WiFi. I'll add photos too...of my home maintenance project this last summer.