A Second Day of Rain 🌧

The weather had been incredible my first 14 days here in Guaymas.  Highs in the mid 70’s and lows in the mid 50’s even upper 40’s.  So 2 weeks of no rain and lovely temps.  Yesterday, Christmas Eve, it rained a bit pre-dawn and I closed the side ports and hatch.  Then it rained quite hard all morning with varying intensity and while it brightened in the afternoon, light showers continued.  Now on Christmas Day it is still raining off and on... postponing the drying out I had hoped for.  The entire boatyard is unpaved ...just kind of a dusty dirt.  So it’s mud 2” deep all over, a bit less in the areas cars drive and compact the earth.  I ventured out once yesterday to empty my pee bottle and use the toilet.  I also surveyed my work area.. the tarps I put up we’re mainly for shade but certainly helpful in keeping my supplies dry.  Some things got wet mostly hand tools but I’d put another tarp over my boxes of boat project supplies.  I had worn just my flip flops and it was a task to clean my feet of mud before coming back onboard.  It’s a very sticky mud.   I even put my wet socks on that were out in the rain to contain my still dirty feet.  I dug out my rubber boots for when I venture out today....
So...another day of organizing inside the boat and increased Spanish lessons with DuoLingo.  Of course I’m eager to continue on with hull preparations for applying my new boat name lettering.  Let the sun shine 👍🏻☀️