Chaos at Greyhound 

After arriving late to the Atlanta Greyhound I found the terminal packed with stranded passengers due to the winter storm.  It was insane.  They were announcing delays pretty much every single route.. as the hours passed a few busses announced loading..generally those heading south.  After another couple hours a list of cancelations we’re giving and people were told to come get re-ticketed.  We were told our bus was still delayed and we waited and waited.. total confusion as some holding the ticket I had were told to move to different line for boarding.. I was told to continue waiting with about a dozen others.  2 hours later we were told to go get re-ticketed as the bus was cancelled.  Our group was invited into a back desk for re-ticketing as the line was so long.  When I was just a couple people back from the counter someone... I think this one obnoxious woman giving everybody a hard time did it... Hard to say but a large fire extinguisher was knocked to the floor and fully discharged and everyone ran as the yellowish dust did not seem healthy to breath... When the doors were opened it even billowed out into the main part of the terminal.  Soon a fire alarm was sounding and the Greyhound security and other staff struggled to evacuate everyone.  The fire department showed up shortly.  After about an hour and a half we were allowed back in..  I was calling Arlo with updates, beginning when I knew I wouldn’t be getting to Asheville by 3:45 pm.  My re-ticket is for departure 1:15 am tomorrow December 10.  About 17 hours at the bus station this time but it’s been entertaining.  I was also re-routed through Knoxville, Tennessee rather than Greenville, South Carolina.  Arlo and Jan will pick me up in Asheville in the morning at 8:30 am.