Christmas Eve at the DTW Terminal

I certainly would have preferred to be sailing now... perhaps nearing the Rio Dulce or passing through Belize?  I booked my flight to Thailand looking only at the price and one fare, from an airport along the route my friends would be driving to visit mom stood out at $200 less.  I finally took the time to look closer at the itinerary on the drive north.  After a short flight from Saginaw, Michigan to Detroit Airport I had a 22 hour layover.   I did manage to get some sleep.  Just as I was getting kind of cold having decided to pack my jacket in my checked airport employee was handing out Delta blankets to the dozen or so terminal over nighters I noticed around the terminal end I’d chose.  I had found couch type seating in an open air restaurant seating area.  

The wait is nearly over.  We should start boarding in a little over one hour.