Morro Bay to ???? Continued

It's been a few days since writing here. Anyway we did in fact get to Ventura Harbor an hour or so after dark. It was hard to see the unlit channel markers and we had several near misses. Once in the Harbor basin there was enough lights from the docks. Tom had called ahead and was told to dock next to an old Navy PT boat. We went to the end but really didn't know where to look so we docked at the only open dock...the fuel dock. It was gated so we couldn't go anywhere. We asked some folks on a nearby boat but they had only arrived earlier that evening. We were told of some open end docks so off we went and we tied up to one. For all we knew it was taken and a boat was going to show up forcing us to move. Fortunately we were left undisturbed and had a good night sleep as we really hadn't since we skipped staying overnight in Morro Bay. We left soon after sunrise. The waves were much larger than when we came in. The High Surf advisory was underway. Our next stop for fuel since we hadn't fueled up since Morro Bay. We pulled into Marina Del Rey which has a nice easy to find visitor dock. One other boat, a cruising trawler was there too. They were heading north to San Francisco. We ate at a expensive burger place and the next day I walked for a haircut and a new iPhone 12v power cord. Walter walked to a West Marine. We set out at 12:30 pm for an overnight ear of about 115 NM to San Diego. The waves were again much larger than when we came in. It was an uneventful and pleasant motor through the night. The lack of wind again kept us motoring with just a stay sail that did fill and help a bit at times. All through the night channel 16 was a chatter about the high surf warnings and about 15' surf hitting the Ventura Harbor entrance. Coast Guard was advising no transits in or out at night. Also Oceanside which we passed in the later nighttime hours also was getting 12' to 15' surf at the entrance. And right north of San Diego the Channel into Mission Bay was considered hazardous. The swell was pretty large but had a very long interval. Fortunately Point Loma offers nice protection and our entry to San Diego was fine. Just a bit more traffic and some warnings about a Navy ship that would be leaving the Harbor and all boats were reminded to keep,some certain distance. We never saw it even though we were entering at about that time. A stiff headwind did come up just as we turned the corner which would have offered a nice sail all last night.. Oh well. The Customs dock and transient dock are only 2 NM in so that was nice. Though we found out the Customs dock indicated on 'Charlie's Charts' we're now the Harbor Police and you need to go some 6 miles away to do Customs. So Tom will or is doing that now via taxi. At this point the plan is to head out tomorrow for Ensenada Mexico. I've encouraged Tom to buy a cruising guide to pacific Mexico or Baja. The guides we had been using end here.

This is Morro Bay soon after arriving for our 5 or 6 hour break.

Heading out for Point Conception

Once in the Santa Barbara Channel we started seeing all the Oil Rigs. I think we saw about 2 dozen but there are probably more.

We also saw many very large areas with oil on the water. It seemed related?

It was nice to reach Marina Del Rey before dark.

Shortly after arriving.

Shortly before departing.

Sunrise a few hours away from San Diego.

Point Loma

The visitor dock on Shelter Island in San Diego.

Location:Shelter Island, San Diego, California