Morro Bay to ????

After a brief rest, showers and 2 restaurant meals we decided to not stay overnight in Morro Bay due to a predicted change in the weather.  We left Morro Bay about 4:30 pm and rounded the corner of California at night.  Point Arguello and Point Conception are called California's 'Cape Horn'. Anyway it was fairly placid with about a 7 foot swell and no wind.  We tried the genoa a couple times but we again motored the whole way.  Anticipation of arriving to Santa Barbara in the early afternoon were put off due to no available slips.  I'm glad we called to check before pulling all the way in.  We are now about 2 hours from the entrance to the Ventura Harbor.  It will be in the dark which is best avoided but at least we have moonlight.  

Sunset shortly after leaving Morro Bay

Heading toward Ventura at 4 pm