San Diego

As it turned out San Diego is as far south as I'll be going this time. I packed up and left the boat about 12:30 pm. I left a note but also ran into Tom at Point Break Cafe. We said our good byes and I had lunch. I had my big back pack and small pack. 50 pounds I suppose? I'd already scoped out hostel and car rental info. Looked into flights but to leave in a day or two back to Duluth were quite high. Not to mention I really don't want to go back and live in my attic apartment with its uninsulated roof until at least end of February. It was 5.5 miles from the boat at the visitor dock on Shelter Island to here at RK Hostel near the airport and downtown? Most would have used a taxi but I'm thrifty...and like to walk..even carrying 50+ pounds. It was quite nice as the whole way was bike and walking path with plenty of benches, which I rested at often enough. I hope my cousin in Manteca where I'd spent a month waiting for Tom and his boat to get to San Francisco will welcome me for further visiting. He wasn't home so I had to leave a message. Anyway, I'm renting a car and driving 450 miles to Manteca tomorrow. I thought about staying an extra day and going to the San Diego Sunroad Boat Show which is going on now but I decided not to bother looking at a bunch of brand new expensive boats that I'll never buy.

Judging by the dinghy dock I think this is the downtown live aboard community?

I had to zoom in so its grainy but look at this high tech sailing craft.