San Francisco to Monterey

We left San Francisco Bay about 5:00 pm timing it to motor through the notorious bar at slack tide.  It was a little disconcerting seeing the breaking waves in the distance as we approached slack tide on the ebb current.  It was a relief to see the seas calm as we approached, though still steep and confused the breakers had disappeared.  I was trying to get video which my camera but it wasn't working so I pulled out my iPhone to capture how nicely the Cheoy Lee handled the steep waves and kept us dry.  The video is taken past the really big water unfortunately.. We then motored and motor sailed through the dark moonless night.  We were heading straight into as light headwind and were only making 4.5 knots on average.  The crossing of Monterey Bay gave us a nice SE wind and we unfurled the Genoa and for a few hours making 7 - 8 knots.  We arrived about 11:00 am.
I should point out these imbedded Vimeo vids won't show on iOS devices like iPad or iPhone unless you have the Puffin web browser app.  They potable play on android devices but I'm not sure?

Monterey Harbor in a drizzle at dusk.  There are a lot of sea lions around here.