Thursday, January 28, 2016

Back to the coast.

Ever since my cousin moved to Manteca in the Central Valley due to a job he gets to the coast for some surfing every 2 to 3 weeks at best. It's about a 2 hour drive depending on traffic. On the morning we were to drive back to Manteca we walked out to Franklin Point for breakfast. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

San Diego

As it turned out San Diego is as far south as I'll be going this time. I packed up and left the boat about 12:30 pm. I left a note but also ran into Tom at Point Break Cafe. We said our good byes and I had lunch. I had my big back pack and small pack. 50 pounds I suppose? I'd already scoped out hostel and car rental info. Looked into flights but to leave in a day or two back to Duluth were quite high. Not to mention I really don't want to go back and live in my attic apartment with its uninsulated roof until at least end of February. It was 5.5 miles from the boat at the visitor dock on Shelter Island to here at RK Hostel near the airport and downtown? Most would have used a taxi but I'm thrifty...and like to walk..even carrying 50+ pounds. It was quite nice as the whole way was bike and walking path with plenty of benches, which I rested at often enough. I hope my cousin in Manteca where I'd spent a month waiting for Tom and his boat to get to San Francisco will welcome me for further visiting. He wasn't home so I had to leave a message. Anyway, I'm renting a car and driving 450 miles to Manteca tomorrow. I thought about staying an extra day and going to the San Diego Sunroad Boat Show which is going on now but I decided not to bother looking at a bunch of brand new expensive boats that I'll never buy.

Judging by the dinghy dock I think this is the downtown live aboard community?

I had to zoom in so its grainy but look at this high tech sailing craft.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Morro Bay to ???? Continued

It's been a few days since writing here. Anyway we did in fact get to Ventura Harbor an hour or so after dark. It was hard to see the unlit channel markers and we had several near misses. Once in the Harbor basin there was enough lights from the docks. Tom had called ahead and was told to dock next to an old Navy PT boat. We went to the end but really didn't know where to look so we docked at the only open dock...the fuel dock. It was gated so we couldn't go anywhere. We asked some folks on a nearby boat but they had only arrived earlier that evening. We were told of some open end docks so off we went and we tied up to one. For all we knew it was taken and a boat was going to show up forcing us to move. Fortunately we were left undisturbed and had a good night sleep as we really hadn't since we skipped staying overnight in Morro Bay. We left soon after sunrise. The waves were much larger than when we came in. The High Surf advisory was underway. Our next stop for fuel since we hadn't fueled up since Morro Bay. We pulled into Marina Del Rey which has a nice easy to find visitor dock. One other boat, a cruising trawler was there too. They were heading north to San Francisco. We ate at a expensive burger place and the next day I walked for a haircut and a new iPhone 12v power cord. Walter walked to a West Marine. We set out at 12:30 pm for an overnight ear of about 115 NM to San Diego. The waves were again much larger than when we came in. It was an uneventful and pleasant motor through the night. The lack of wind again kept us motoring with just a stay sail that did fill and help a bit at times. All through the night channel 16 was a chatter about the high surf warnings and about 15' surf hitting the Ventura Harbor entrance. Coast Guard was advising no transits in or out at night. Also Oceanside which we passed in the later nighttime hours also was getting 12' to 15' surf at the entrance. And right north of San Diego the Channel into Mission Bay was considered hazardous. The swell was pretty large but had a very long interval. Fortunately Point Loma offers nice protection and our entry to San Diego was fine. Just a bit more traffic and some warnings about a Navy ship that would be leaving the Harbor and all boats were reminded to keep,some certain distance. We never saw it even though we were entering at about that time. A stiff headwind did come up just as we turned the corner which would have offered a nice sail all last night.. Oh well. The Customs dock and transient dock are only 2 NM in so that was nice. Though we found out the Customs dock indicated on 'Charlie's Charts' we're now the Harbor Police and you need to go some 6 miles away to do Customs. So Tom will or is doing that now via taxi. At this point the plan is to head out tomorrow for Ensenada Mexico. I've encouraged Tom to buy a cruising guide to pacific Mexico or Baja. The guides we had been using end here.

This is Morro Bay soon after arriving for our 5 or 6 hour break.

Heading out for Point Conception

Once in the Santa Barbara Channel we started seeing all the Oil Rigs. I think we saw about 2 dozen but there are probably more.

We also saw many very large areas with oil on the water. It seemed related?

It was nice to reach Marina Del Rey before dark.

Shortly after arriving.

Shortly before departing.

Sunrise a few hours away from San Diego.

Point Loma

The visitor dock on Shelter Island in San Diego.

Location:Shelter Island, San Diego, California

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Morro Bay to ????

After a brief rest, showers and 2 restaurant meals we decided to not stay overnight in Morro Bay due to a predicted change in the weather.  We left Morro Bay about 4:30 pm and rounded the corner of California at night.  Point Arguello and Point Conception are called California's 'Cape Horn'. Anyway it was fairly placid with about a 7 foot swell and no wind.  We tried the genoa a couple times but we again motored the whole way.  Anticipation of arriving to Santa Barbara in the early afternoon were put off due to no available slips.  I'm glad we called to check before pulling all the way in.  We are now about 2 hours from the entrance to the Ventura Harbor.  It will be in the dark which is best avoided but at least we have moonlight.  

Sunset shortly after leaving Morro Bay

Heading toward Ventura at 4 pm


Friday, January 15, 2016

Monterey to Morro Bay

We had about a 24 hour passage from Monterey to Morro Bay. We kind of slowed down to arrive after sunrise to enter the harbor. Motored other than a short 2 to 3 hours of sailing. It was nasty drizzly with a headwind most of the night. Looking at the weather and our next passage to Santa Barbara we have decided to rest 5 of 6 hours and leave this evening at 6 pm. This will put us going around the big corner of Point Arguello and Point Conception after sunrise. It also beats out some stronger winds and much bigger swells that are predicted were we to leave after a full nights sleep. We co hold end up not wanting to leave for 5 days if we wait. The total to Santa Barbara is 116 NM. Leaving to get past Point Conception in daylight puts us having a hard time reaching Santa Barbara by dark but if we leave and catch Point Arguello at dawn we can make it.

Big swell as we passed Big Sir

Further down the coast past Point Sir

I've seen about 15 Sea Otters between Monterey and here at Morro Bay

This rock is at the entrance to the harbor

The only transient docking as at this Morro Bay Yacht Club dock. It's $25 a night. Time to sleep now.....zzzzzz

Location:Embarcadero,Morro Bay,United States

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Past Big Sir heading to Morro Bay

We left Monterey about 8 am and have passed the Big Sir.  We may push on to Santa Barbara as we reach Morro Bay in darkness.  Sailed a couple hours but once again motoring into headwind.  


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

We're leaving Monterey Thursday morning

after 4 nights at the Monterey Marina we are again heading south.  As it turned out we could have stayed just one night and made our way south but the extra night led to waiting 2 more nights to wait for some substantial headwinds to ass.  As it is we hope to get south of Big Sir before another few hours of stronger headwinds moves in.  Once south of there it's 5 to 10 knots from varying directions.  We may just co tinge on all the way to Santa Barbara which would be about 216 NM of sailing so about 45 hours or so swapping 3 hour shifts.  About halfway we have the option of pulling in at Morro Bay to anchor and rest a night maybe fuel up then push on to Santa Barbara.  It looks like quite a stretch of safe sailing conditions once we are down that far so likely no or at least less multiple nights staying at Marinas waiting for weather Windows.
We went to fuel up today and went right past the breakwater covered with Sea Lions.
I should point out this imbedded Vimeo video won't show on iOS devices like iPad or iPhone unless you have the Puffin web browser app or similar.  They might play on android devices but I'm not sure?

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Today I decided t go see the Morerey Bay Aquarium.  Before the Aquarium I caught a $5 Tuesday 11:00 am showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  Looks like we will be here a couple more nights waiting for safe sailing conditions. 





Monday, January 11, 2016


As it turned out weather wise, we could have not stopped here in Monterey and continued on to maximize distance with the weather window. Today was beautiful. Some strong headwinds are coming so heading out tomorrow is out....maybe Thursday? It will be about 113 NM to the next port we may stop, Morro Bay. If the weather allows this time we will likely continue on to Santa Barbara which is a similar distance so 225 NM or so.
This morning Tom was already out and about on his folding bike when I got up. I decided to go for a walk which ended up being to the end of the Monterey Pennisula. There was a nice coastal walkway/bike path. I guess round trip I walked 8.2 miles today.

I saw 5 sea otters today. That's one more than I saw during my 2.5 month kayak trip up the inside passage of B.C. and SE Alaska.

The main breakwater of Monterey Harbor is covered with at least 300 sea lions. They hop up on some docks in the Marina and even boats they say.

This is from the end of the Monterey Pennisula.

Location:Figueroa St,Monterey,United States

Sunday, January 10, 2016

San Francisco to Monterey

We left San Francisco Bay about 5:00 pm timing it to motor through the notorious bar at slack tide.  It was a little disconcerting seeing the breaking waves in the distance as we approached slack tide on the ebb current.  It was a relief to see the seas calm as we approached, though still steep and confused the breakers had disappeared.  I was trying to get video which my camera but it wasn't working so I pulled out my iPhone to capture how nicely the Cheoy Lee handled the steep waves and kept us dry.  The video is taken past the really big water unfortunately.. We then motored and motor sailed through the dark moonless night.  We were heading straight into as light headwind and were only making 4.5 knots on average.  The crossing of Monterey Bay gave us a nice SE wind and we unfurled the Genoa and for a few hours making 7 - 8 knots.  We arrived about 11:00 am.
I should point out these imbedded Vimeo vids won't show on iOS devices like iPad or iPhone unless you have the Puffin web browser app.  They potable play on android devices but I'm not sure?

Monterey Harbor in a drizzle at dusk.  There are a lot of sea lions around here.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

We are finally leaving San Francisco Bay

We have a weather window to finally set out southward.  The plan is an 18 hour sail to Monterey.  We will leave the 'Bay' at slack tide about 5 pm and sail or motor with expected light easterly winds and westerly swell dropping to 4' to 6' at 15 seconds.  


Friday, January 8, 2016

Tall-Ship Project on the Inside

An earlier blog entry about a wooden tall ship project here in Sausalito lacked details as it was closed up for the weekend. Yesterday I stopped in to get some photos and ended up getting a tour of the whole project. I forget the guy's name who took me and one other person on the tour. He is very involved in fact he donated the captain's wheel that had been an antique in his family 3 generations. The name of the boat is Mathew Turner and there is a board of history in one of the photos...not that you can read it as photos post low quality using the blogger app on iPad. The length overall will be 136' and the fore mast is all square rigged. A sister ship of the same design has already been completed and is stationed in the Sea of Cortez presently. Her name is 'Seaward' I am not sure where she was made but possibly here in Sausalito?

She's made mainly of Douglas Fir with White Oak here and there. Bronze bracing plates are also used here and there and they are casting all of Her deck fittings of bronze.

A 40' BowSprit, pictured below on the left, will be notched into the laminated Oak Sampson Post extending out likely a little over half its length. The round white pole is one of the Yardarms.

Below is the guy who gave us the nice tour and the antique wheel his family donated.

There are to be 3 or was it 4 waterproof bulkheads in the boat....

The photo above is the mechanical room. The boat will use a hybrid power system. The 2 white disks will be drilled out 3" diameter for dual driveshafts powered by dual electric motors. As usual when sailing the propellers rotate in reverse and charge the huge battery bank. A large bio diesel generator will also be in this space. Below is the propulsion diagram.

The above deck cabins are solid laminated 2 x 4s skinned with plywood on the outside which will then be covered with fiberglass.
That's it..

Location:Sausalito, California